Course Offerings

Offered Regularly
HIST 211: Early American History (Fall, Spring)
HIST 212: Recent American History (Fall, Spring)
HIST 310: History of Colonial America (Fall, Even Years)
HIST 311: The American Revolution (Spring, Odd Years)
HIST 312: The Early American Republic (Fall, Odd Years)
HIST 313: The Civil War and Reconstruction (Spring, Even Years)
HIST 492: The Battle of Chickamauga in History and Memory (Fall, Even Years)

Offered Periodically
HIST 326: American Military History
HIST 491-01: Seminar: The 19th-Century American West
HIST 491-02: Readings in American Military History
HIST 491-03: Founding Fathers and Mothers
HIST 494: Seminar: History of the Supreme Court
HIST 496: Seminar: America in the Vietnam War
HIST 497: Seminar: The US in World War II

Offered Periodically for Lee University Encore
ENCOR 014: Myths and Legends of the Old West
ENCOR 016: Battles and Leaders of the Civil War