ENG 106 Research Paper Assignment Fall 2012

You will be assigned a topic that relates to?President Obama’s and Mr. Romney’s positions on an issue. The?issue should be narrow enough to cover in a short essay. For example, abortion is too broad, but late-term abortion is OK.?The goal of this assignment is to teach your audience something about your topic, not argue?for one side or the other.

First you must learn about the topic; therefore, you will be using the Lee Library?s resources?both online and in the Library itself. The librarians are there to help you. Their job is not to look up all the information for you. Rather, they will teach you where to find the information.

You may NOT use the following sources in your paper:
1. No encyclopedias or general reference works
2. No www sources except for academic or scholarly sites?they usually end in edu but may end in org. The only exception is if there is an official web site for your topic or for a candidate.

You SHOULD use the following sources:
1. Reputable magazine articles
2. Reputable newspaper articles
3. Academic journal articles
4. Books
5. Others as deemed appropriate by the instructor
These resources may be accessed in hard copy or through the Library databases.

The paper should be somewhere between 750 and 1,000 words. It should cite at least five different sources of at least three different types?newspaper, magazine, journal, book, etc.