Essay One (Narration) Topics

Each essay must have an introductory paragraph that comes before the narrative (story). The introductory paragraph contains a lead-in that captures the reader?s attention. Then there must be a thesis that gives the point of the narrative.

The story must be one event that is well developed, with a beginning, a middle, and an end. The story must make a point.

After the narrative, there must be a concluding paragraph.

Choose one of the following topics?no more than two people in each group can write about the same topic:

Abrahams has a confrontation with his Cambridge teachers?you may retell that story or a similar one from your own life.
Liddle?s sister is really worried that his running will take him away from God?s work. Have you ever had someone who warned you about some activity you were doing? You may tell about Liddle?s decision to be a runner or about the activity that you were engaged in.
Both Liddle and Abrahams win races. Have you ever won or lost in some activity that was important to you? You can write that story.
Liddle was tempted to break the Sabbath, but he was able to overcome the temptation. You may tell his story or your own about temptation.
Sybil, Abraham?s girlfriend, says that she sings because she loves to. Tell a story about something you love to do.
Abrahams was driven by a desire to fit in; Liddle was driven by a desire to please God. Write an essay about how you?or someone in Chariots of Fire has been motivated to do something great.
Make your own topic. It may be from your experience or something from Chariots of Fire. If you choose this topic, you must write it below the title of your essay.