Outline of ?Violence in the Morning?
Lead-in (type of lead-in)
Thesis (thesis sentence(s) or the implied thesis)
Body Paragraph One (Describe)
Details (List)
Body Paragraph Two (Describe)
Details (List)
Body Paragraph Three (Describe)
Details (List)
Conclusion (Describe)

Outline of ?Violence in the Morning?
Lead-in?statement and allusion to classwork
Thesis??As a even a brief glance at prime-time weekly cartoon shows reveals, children are being exposed to a steady diet of violence that surpasses that of the prime-time shows their parents so eagerly watch.?
A. Traditional Cartoons
1. Roadrunner
2. Buggs Bunny
3. Woody Woodpecker
B. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
1. Villains
2. Conflicts solved through sanitized violence
3. Irony of naming turtles after Renaissance artists
C. G.I. Joe
1. Description of battle between commando unit and COBRA
2. Episode with computer virus
3. Resulting sanitized violence
Conclusion: Children?s television is full of violence.