Research Report

Write one paragraph (about 125 words) about your progress on your research paper so far. Include your topic, how difficult finding information is, and a working thesis statement. Your thesis statement will be very simple. For example, if Eric Liddell were your topic, you might write, ?Although Eric Liddell?s performance at the 1924 Olympics made him famous, his real importance came as he served as a missionary in China.? If you were writing about the relations between Britain and the U.S., your thesis might be something like ?Although Britain and the United States are the closest of allies, during the 1920s Britain was seen as a possible enemy.? Another thesis might read ?Cambridge University changed greatly during the 1920s.? The paragraph is due at the end of class. Be sure to conform to the class style sheet?font, margins, heading, etc.

The bibliography should be in the proper MLA format. I expect you to have at least a few possible sources.

Both the research and the bibliography are due today, Wednesday, 11 Oct.