Course Calendar

ENGL 313 Fall 2011 Calendar (Dr. Jensen)

This calendar is subject to revision during the semester. (Revised 31 Aug.) (Revised 28 Nov.)

?Week One (Aug. 25)

Th. Introduction to the course; historical background; read The Scarlet Letter


Week Two (Aug. 30-Sep. 1)

Tu. Historical, cultural, philosophical, and theological background; The Scarlet Letter

Th. Pilgrims and Plymouth Plantation?120-130, 136-137; Morton v. Captain Shrimp?139-146


Week Three (Sep. 6-8)

Tu. Puritans arrive at Massachusetts Bay Colony?158-167; Bay Psalm Book Psalm 23, Psalm 100; Goodwife Bradstreet??The Prologue,? ?The Author to Her Book,?

Th. Bradstreet (continued) ?To My Dear?,? ?A Letter to Her Husband?,? ?In Reference to Her Children?,? ?Here Follows?,? As Weary Pilgrim?; ?Goodwife Rowlandson?A Narrative of the Captivity?


Week Four (Sep. 13-15)

Tu. Pastor Taylor??Upon Wedlock,? ?Huswifery,? ?A Fig,? ?The Joy of Church Fellowship Rightly Attended? see:;

Puritan life in the New World?The New England Primer and ?Hanah Dustan 343-355; daub and wattle, samp; talk about the research paper

Th. Witchcraft in the Bible Commonwealth; the Rev. Cotton Mather 308-319; Research assignment?find and analyze an academic article on an American Puritan


Week Five (Sep. 20-22)

Tu. The Last Puritan?the Rev. Jonathan Edwards?386-389, 396-399; assign take-home essay one

Th. Take-home essay one due; the first American?Ben Franklin?451-457, 473-496, 522-534


Week Six (Sep. 27-29)

Tu. The first American black poet?Wheatley??On Being,? ?University of Cambridge,? ?Death of Whitfield,? To ?S. M.,? ?To Washington?

Th. Research assignment due at the beginning of class; Truth, Justice, and the American Way?Crevecoeur ?Charles-town?; Paine ?From Age of Reason,? Jefferson ?Religion?


Week Seven (Oct. 4-6) CONVOCATION WEEK

Tue. The transition to Romanticism?Freneau??Wild Honey Suckle,? ?Indian,? ?Mr. Paine?s,? ?New England Poet?; America?s first and worst?C. B. Brown? read Ch. VIII

Th. Tongue in cheek in the early Republic?Irving??Sleepy Hollow?; ?Indians, pioneers, and some bad writing?Cooper?988-1002


Week Eight (Oct. 11-13)

Tu. First American Romantic poet?Bryant??Thanatopsis,? ?Waterfowl,? To Cole, the Painter, Departing for Europe (Additional Readings on this site and Internet); Schoolhouse poet 1?Holmes ?Old Ironsides,? ?My Aunt,? ?One Horse Shay,? ?Chambered Nautilus? all in Additional readings or on Internet

Th. Schoolhouse poet 2?Whittier?all


Week Nine (Oct. 18) FALL BREAK Oct. 20-21

Tu. Schoolhouse poet 3?Longfellow??Psalm,? ?Slave?s,? ?The Arsenal at Springfield? (Additional readings or Internet), ?Cross of Snow? (Additional readings or Internet), ?Aftermath? (Additional readings or Internet);?Lincoln??Gettysburg Address,? ?Second Inaugural Address? assign take-home essay two


Week Ten (Oct. 25-27)

Tue. skim Frederick Douglass?s Narrative; watch When the Lion Wrote History

Thu. A wacky Transcendentalist?Emerson ?Nature?; Another wacky Transcendentalist?Thoreau ?Resistance?; Essay Two due


Week Eleven (Nov. 1-3)

Tue. Thoreau continued?from Walden 1872-1924

Thu. What is Whitman doing here? 2195-2197, bottom of page 2107-2109, Song (1), ?Cavalry? 2220, ?Vigil? 2220-2221, ?O Captain? (Additional readings or Internet); a victim of Transcendentalism?L. M. Alcott??Transcendental?; assign take-home essay three


Week Twelve (Nov. 8-10) 2 November is the last day to drop a class.

Tue. Is it Poe or poo? ?Sonnet?To Science,? ?To Helen,? ?The Raven,? ?Annabelle Lee?; ?House of Usher,?

Thu. Essay Three due; Nevermore! ?Red Death,? ?Philosophy of Composition?


Week Thirteen (Nov. 15-17)

Tue. What?s his problem with the Puritans? Hawthorne ?Maypole,? ?Young Goodman Brown,? ?Minister?s Black Veil?

Thu. More Hawthorne ?Rappaccini?s,? ?My Kinsman,? ?Artist of the Beautiful? (Additional readings or Internet)


Week Fourteen (Nov. 22) THANKSGIVING Nov. 23-25

Tue. Melville for a change ?The Portent,? ?March into Virginia,? ?Utilitarian,? ?House-top,? ?Maldive Shark (Additional readings); assign take-home essay four?due 23 Nov.


Week Fifteen (Nov. 29-Dec 1)

Tue. Essay Four due; More Melville?Moby Dick ch. I, XXVIII, XLII; ?anticipating Realism and Naturalism?Life in the Iron Mills; research paper due at the beginning of class?late papers will not be accepted)


Thu. The lady in the white dress?Dickinson?poems number 67, 185, 216, 328, 449, 465, 632, 712, 754, 986, 1545


Week Sixteen (Dec. 6)

Tue. Review; assign final take-home essay

Wed. Reading Day?no classes

Tuesday, 13 Dec. FINAL EXAMINATION 10:15-12:15; take-home essay due