Ministry Experiences

My ministry experiences have centered mostly around mostly the “ministry of education”.  Since my conversion, I’ve had a deep love for God’s word.  As a teenager, I would read and study for hours every day.  I’d keep a Strong’s Concordance and a legal pad on my bedroom desk.  When I ran across a word or concept I didn’t understand, I’d use these tools.  They were all I had at the time.  Coming from a non-Christian home, I didn’t even know the basic terminology of the Bible.  Though today I hold “ministerial credentials”, I still very much consider myself a lay-person at heart.  So, it is easy to see why I’ve always been a champion of “Discipleship”.  That is, helping people mature/grow in their faith, their understanding of God.

Here are some areas of ministry I’ve served in for more than 30 years of church life, some of these positions were held simultaneously:

  • children’s pastor (part-time)
  • youth pastor (part-time)
  • Elder
  • Church and Pastor’s Council member
  • Associate Pastor (full-time)
  • K-12 private school headmaster (full-time)
  • Sunday school teacher (various ages)
  • Wednesday night leader
  • Bible Study leader
  • Minister of Education (full-time and part-time)

In addition to this, I hold the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical/Theological Studies (1989), Master of Divinity (1992), and Ph.D. in Educational Studies (2000).  These educational moments are tools I use in the classroom, combined with ministry experiences.  So, in short, I bridge two gulfs:  educational and practical.  Though I don’t like this dichotomy, it helps students understand that I have both:  degrees and experience.

I love people.  I love ministry.  I love my “job” at Lee University.  Lee has given me a wonderful place to bring together 2 passions of mine:  education and ministry.  The faculty in the Christian Ministries Department are uniquely gifted and qualified women and men who’ve dedicated years of service to the church and the academy.  You will make an excellent choice in our department as a major.  The power of knowledge paired with the power of years of ministry/church experience.  Please let us know if we can answer specific questions.