Grade 2 LP

  1. The book The Rain Came Down   (Language arts)
    David Shannon uses wonderful illustrations and humorous text to capture the chaos that occurs in a town during a rainstorm. However, things do turn around when the sun comes out. This book can be used to develop students’ listening, observational, and language skills to recall story sequence and retell the story by using illustrations and knowledge of the storyline.
  2. Sun comes first or rain? (Science)
  3. Water—A never-ending story _Water cycle (science)
  4. How rain effects human life, including the negative effect of acid rain? (Social studies)
  5. How much did it rain today? (Math)
  6. Save water, save life (science on water conservation and social studies on the lack of clean water)
  7. Am I drinking clean water every day? (science)
  8. Describe Rain—you can hear, taste and see rain, can you smell it? (Writing)
  9. Can you read a Rain Gauge? (Math)
  10. Let’s go to see plants absorb rain in real life—field trips to the garden (science and writing on a journal)