Grade 3 – Gimme Space


Dear Teacher,

The following standards are gathered from Common Core for English and Math and the Tennessee Curriculum standards for Science and Social Studies.   The ultimate goal of these units is to extend your curriculum and provide an interactive experience at our community’s Greenway Table garden.  Please utilize these ideas in any way that suits your classroom needs.  Feel free to contribute what works from your lesson plans to help improve this teacher resource.  We hope this helps you prepare students for an informative and fun garden experience!


 TN Science Standards Covered:  

GLE 0307.2.2   Explain how organisms with similar needs compete with one another for resources.

SPI 0307.2.2    Determine how plants and animals compete for resources such as food, space, water, air, and shelter


Common Core Math Standards Covered:  Geometric measurement: understand concepts of area and relate area to multiplication and to addition.


TN Social Studies Standards Covered:


 Common Core Language Arts Standards Covered – Writing

Research to Build and Present Knowledge