Grade 3 LP

1. Choose a plant and list all of the resources that this plant needs to grow. Create a
list of obstacles that the plant may face that will stunt its growth.
2. Build a lesson around the Schoolhouse Rock song “Elbow Room.”
3. Create a map of a garden being careful to include enough room for each plant to
grow. Give students a constraint on the size of the land in order to employ their
division and multiplication skills.
4. Have students measure area of different parts of the garden – specifically parts of
the garden that seeds have been planted, but have not yet grown. Give the students
the measure of the area that the plant requires to grow and ask them to calculate
how many plants can fit into that area.
5. Take students on a tour of the area and ask them to create a map that will help other
students navigate through the area without getting lost.
6. Ask students to conduct an investigation at the local grocery store to find where
fruits and vegetables whether these are imported or local.
7. Visit the garden and learn how the garden is supported financially through money
and barter economy.
8. As a class, assign students a trade and/or product and create an economy solely
based on barter.
9. Create an irrigation system based on measurements and area for the garden. Then,
explore the irrigation system that the garden has in place.
10.Help students create a map of the area identifying agricultural and industrial areas
within a mile radius of the school.