Graduate courses

BIBL 550 – Biblical Criticism/ Hermeneutics
This course will explore several schools of biblical criticism (source, reaction, and form criticism), and various hermeneutical approaches. Particular attention will be given to tracing the influence of German philosophy on contemporary continental theology. Martin Heidegger’s role in forming the hermeneutic of Rudolph Bultmann and the resultant schools of interpretation arising from the latter will be studied in detail. In addition, more recent forms of criticism will be considered, including reader-response, social-scientific, and postmodern theory.

BIBL 593 – Directed Study in Biblical Studies
A study of an approved area of biblical or theological studies, in which the student contracts with the director of the study concerning course requirements, course scheduling and evaluation procedure.

BIBL 581 – Old Testament Ethics
An interactive study of the ethical teachings of the Old Testament with special attention being given to texts that cause ethical dilemmas for an individual in a twenty-first century context.

* previous Directed Studies have included Readings in Torah & Hebrew, Genres Hebrew

HEBR 501 – Elementary Biblical Hebrew
This course is an introduction to Hebrew that is designed to introduce students to the basic vocabulary and grammar of the Hebrew Bible.

HEBR 502 – Readings in Biblical Hebrew
This course is a continuation of HEBR-501. It builds on the vocabulary and grammar of HEBR-501 and gives students a working knowledge of the standard grammatical and lexical resources for exegetical work. Students will also begin reading the text of the Hebrew Bible.

Prerequisites – HEBR-501