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Research Opportunities

Research opportunities

Currently, I teach two courses that give students valuable experience conducting research. This experience could make the difference between getting into graduate school and not, so you should seriously consider taking one or both of these classes.  If you would like to know more about either course, please send me an email or drop by my office!

Advanced Research Methods and Statistics

Following PSYC 215 (Research Methods and Statistics), this course is designed to give you additional exposure to research methods and advanced statistical concepts that will help prepare you to do research in psychology.  In this course, you will learn by doing.  You (and maybe 1-2 other students) will design and conduct your own research study; analyze and present your findings at Lee’s Ollie J. Lee Symposium; and prepare a research proposal that mirrors a manuscript being prepared for publication.  The course is unbelievably practical, informative, and enjoyable.  (Also, it’s only taught during Spring semesters, so be sure to sign up early!)

PSYC 415/416 - Advanced Independent Research

This course is designed to give you experience conducting research while working closely with a faculty mentor and a team of other motivated students.  Typically, you will meet with the research team on a weekly basis, discussing research and planning a study for the semester.  Within a few weeks your team will begin conducting the study, collecting data from participants and managing the study without excessive supervision from the faculty mentor.  Near the end of the semester, you will begin to analyze your data and prepare it for dissemination–whether through a poster presentation, a symposium, or even a manuscript for publication.

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