Classroom Behavior Expectations

Students are expectred to assist in maintaining a classroom environment that is conducive to learning.

Disruptive behavior in the classroom may be classified as anything that disturbs the teacher or oither students during the class period. Listed below are a few examples of disruptive behavior that are prohibited in the classroom.

  • Challenges to the teacher’s authority
  • Tardiness
  • Leaving the lecture early without prior permission
  • Conversation not relevant to class discussion
  • Making offensive remarks
  • Dominating discussions, interrupting or belittling other students
  • Making disruptive noises
  • Use of cellular phones and beepers
  • Overt inattentiveness
  • Reading newspapers/other material during class
  • Leaving the room during an examination
  • Violations of the Lee University dress code

1st Incident

  1. Instructor will point out the inappropriateness of the behavior after class or with a scheduled meeting.
  2. The instructor will provide a copy of this document with inappropriate behavior indicated in a timely manner
  3. A record will be kept of the incident with a description of the occurrence.

2nd Incident

  1. The offender will be asked to the leave the classroom immediately.
  2. The instructor will refer to the matter to the department chair for disciplinary action.