January 27, 2014

Reading on Screens

One response on “Reading on Screens
  • Richard Jones
    January 27, 2014 at 12:43 pm

    A couple of responses/comments:
    1. Students will complain about any method we use for instruction–the amount of technology or number of books doesn’t matter.
    2. I agree with Kevin’s observations of student performance. The effects of reading from a screen and using multimedia for instruction, by a student working alone, are not completely understood. Some of the best teaching methods are social and immediate, for example Total Physical Response in language teaching (which is very effective), compared to grammar translation.
    3. The modern human brain is no different than that of our paleolithic hunter-gatherer ancestors. Technology is not going to change the way we think. It can only help, or hinder, the way in which we access information for learning and thinking.
    4. Technology is useful in the classroom, but only when used thoughtfully. There are many social, cultural, and economic pressures to adopt technology because it’s new–and newer is always better in the western world. Good teaching should resist technology for the sake of more technology. That is point a point I think Kevin makes well.

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