Fall Semester:

September 22nd at 4:00pm
Creating Effective learning Assessment

Jim Wilkins, Professor of French
There are many interesting and effective ways of determining whether our students are learning.  Jim is an expert in this area, teaching a broad range of subjects from elementary language to literature.

October 12th at 4:00pm
Creating a Classroom Climate that Encourages Learning

Trevor Milliron, and Lori West
These questions probe whether teachers encourage open exchange of ideas, answer questions in a way that further learning, motivate learning, show an interest in student learning, and encourage critical thining, Trevor and Lori are known to excel in these areas and will share their ideas about creating this kind of learning atmosphere in the classroom.

October 27th at 4:00pm

Getting Students to Read

Ana Alves, Assistant Professor of Political Science, and Jared Wielfaert, Associate Professor of Humanities
A common complaint of college teachers is that students come to without having done the reading.  Ana and Jared teach classes that depend heavily on reading, and they have developed approaches that encourage students to come to class well prepared.

November 17th at 4:00pm
Surviving the End of the Semester

Jean Eledge, Distinguished Professor of French, and Carolyn Dirksen, Distinguished Professor of English
A lot of student issues surface at the end of the semester when everyone is stressed and frantic.  These seasoned professionals will give you advice about how to finish strong and with your sanity intact.

Spring Semester:

January 17th at 4:00pm
Benefitting from Course Evaluations

Carolyn Dirksen
Despite our love/hate relationship with student course evaluations, they actually help us become better and more perceptive teachers.  This session will include some ideas for assessing how you’re doing as you go along without waiting until after the end of the semester.

February 21th at 4:00pm
Including Meaningful Writing in your Courses

Rachel Reneslacis, Professor of English
Rachel has great ideas about having your students write without spending all your time grading.  She distinguishes between writing to learn and writing to reflect learning. Rachel directs Lee’s writing program from the writing major to the composition requirement and writing center.

March 30th at 4:00pm
Evaluating Student Writing

Chad Schrock, Associate Professor of English
We all struggle grading student essays, balancing clarity of expression, quality of thought, and thoroughness of research.  Chad has lots of experience and will share some excellent insights into what to look for and how to evaluate it.