Graduate courses

THEO 574 – Feminist Theology
This course examines the historical roots, key ideas and trajectories of feminist theology and philosophy, the passions and contradictions of these disciplines, and their effects on various social practices and religious institutions.

THEO 594 – Special Topics in Theological Studies
An intensive study of selective topics in theological studies, including research and critical evaluation of primary and secondary sources.

THEO 594 – Theology of Economics & Globalization                                                                       The goal of this course is to help students think through the questions that arise at the intersection of faith and economics within the context of the global village. The course facilitates interdisciplinary research towards the development of a viable theology of economics committed to faithful Christian reflection and practice in promoting global economic justice.

THEO 594 – Special Topics Theological Ethics: War & Peace

THEO 501 – Directed Readings in Theological Ethics