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I teach in two key areas of the School of Religion at Lee University: Christian Formation and Biblical Studies. In Christian Formation, I explore issues related to how people come to faith, how Christians mature in the faith and why some lose their faith. I also practice and teach the classical Christian disciplines (e.g., prayer, Bible reading) as pathways to spiritual development and renewal. Some of my favorite authors are Kenneth Boa, John Piper, James Loder, Rick Warren, Parker Palmer and Robert Mulholland, Jr.

In biblical studies, I enjoy the rich diversity of the Old Testament. I teach courses on the prophets, Psalms and wisdom literature. I strive to move beyond the historical-descriptive work of exposition and engage in the constructive work of relating the scriptures to our everyday lives. My favorite author and O.T. scholar is Walter Brueggemann. In addition, I enjoy reading works by Christopher Wright, N.T. Wright, John Goldingay, Rickie Moore and a host of other scholars.

My current research is in the area of biblical & theological foundations of Worship as well as hermeneutics. I have recently published a key article titled, “Worship and the Torah.” I have written a commentary on the book of Haggai. The commentary highlights the work of the Spirit in the construction of the Second Temple. I have integrated my interests in Spiritual Formation and biblical studies in an article titled, “Faith Crisis Resolution in the Babylonian Exile.” The work was presented at the international conference of the Society of Biblical Literature in Singapore. It looks at the theological struggle of Israel during the sixth century BCE during the Babylonian Exile. It examines Israel’s situation through the perspective of James Loder’s paradigm of transformational experiences.

I am a long-term member of the Christian Ministries faculty in the School of Religion. It is not uncommon to have the children of my former students in my classes. I enjoy the chance to share in the lives of a second generation of students. I have enjoyed the opportunity to teach in a number of mission Bible schools. I have taught in schools on four continents (South America, Europe, Africa and Asia).

My wife Sandi and I have two married children and four grandchildren. We always enjoy time with our family. Some of our favorite things to do are travel, read and engage in moderate hiking.

STRENGTHS: Learner, Connectedness, Harmony, Analytical, Intellection.

Belize Students--SIBIPCA, 2013

Teaching in Guatemala with Seminary Students

ISP Students in Cambodia--2009

Observing Intercultural Studies Interns on a School Boat in Cambodia