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Undergraduate Courses

BIBL 110 Message of the New Testament

This course is designed to explore the essential message of the New Testament with regard to key passages, persons and events. This study is set into the historical context of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and its resultant missionary movement. Special emphasis is given to biblical principles for Christian living from an Evangelical- Pentecostal perspective.

BIBL 111 Message of the Old Testament

A study of the essential message of the Old Testament with regard to key passages, persons and events in the context of Israel’s history. Special emphasis is given to biblical principles for Christian living from an Evangelical-Pentecostal perspective.

BIBL 337 Theology of the Old Testament

An exegetical, historical study of the theology of the Old Testament emphasizing God, humanity and the interrelation between the two.

CHMN 150 Mission of the Church

This course will focus on the biblical, holistic and contextual mission of the church: worship, evangelism, discipleship, benevolence, social justice and stewardship. It is designed as the gateway course to the majors in the Department of Christian Ministries.

CHMN 220 Biblical Interpretation for Ministry

This course intends to prepare students for quality Bible study which supports the work of evangelical, Pentecostal ministry. The pragmatic nature of this course emphasizes the inductive method of Bible study, fostering direct engagement with biblical texts and demonstration of sound hermeneutical skills. Sensitivity to a text’s literary features will be a primary focus of the course.

DISM 403 Leading Small Groups

The course seeks to provide students with an understanding of the various approaches to leading small groups. Included in this course will be materials related to leadership, principles and practices, communication and mentoring within small group ministry.

Graduate Courses

MMST 536 Principles of Bible Study

This course prepares students for personal and community Bible study, using the Inductive Study Method. The inductive method utilizes a canonical approach and focuses on the rhetorical aspects of the biblical text. The method seeks to understand the author’s intent as well as its relevance for the contemporary world. The course emphasizes direct engagement with biblical texts through the disciplined use of sound hermeneutical principles.

MWST 560 Biblical/Theological Foundations of Worship

The course will explore the concept and practice of worship in the Old and New Testaments, worship in the lives of biblical characters, and the biblical roots of contemporary worship practices. The course will explore theological foundations for understanding worship practice, assesses theological implications of personal and corporate worship ministry, and equip worship leaders in the application of a theology of worship in specific ministry contexts.