Courses Taught

BIBL 110 Old Testament

This course is designed to explore the essential message of the New Testament with regard to key passages, persons and events. This study is set into the historical context of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and its resultant missionary movement. Special emphasis is given to biblical principles for Christian living from an Evangelical- Pentecostal perspective.

CHMN 230 Preaching and Teaching

This course is designed to introduce students to the theology, basic construction and delivery of biblical messages through preaching and teaching within diverse ministry settings.

CHMN 330 Ministry of Worship

This course intends to foster student knowledge in a biblical, historical, philosophical and contextual approach to Christian worship. Particular focus is on analysis of evangelical-Pentecostal traditions. Practical skills of leading worship events are developed and critiqued.

PASM 202 Pastoral Seminar

An assessment of one’s ministerial identity in view of God’s call, personal abilities and spiritual giftedness. The methodology will include an off-campus retreat. Required of all sophomores majoring in Pastoral Ministry.

PASM 461 Pastoral Ministry

A study of pastoral ministry with emphasis on the shepherding model. The course also explains the issues of credibility, leadership styles, mission, vision, compensation and housing, as well as those matters related to the model and a study of the practical, everyday problems faced in administering the total program of the church.

PASM 462 Pastoral Ministry

A study of pastoral ministry with emphasis on the enabling model. Particular attention will be given to areas of pressure and pitfall (problem people, temptations, and burnout), budgeting, and administration.