Ceramics I


Note: Shiny glazes run more than matte glazes, be careful not to have glazes too thick at the bottom of the pot.

  1. Floating Blue: Shiny, semi-transparent, dark blue goes to brown where thin
  2. Waxwing Brown: shiny, Medium brown, opaque. Good mixer with blues.
  3. Oil Spot Black: Shiny, opaque black with slight oil slick look
  4. Silver-fleck Matt Black: Matt, opaque black with tiny flecks of silver
  5. Chrome Tin Red: Shiny, Semi-opaque beet red; goes to gray where thin: runny
  6. Hieno-Render White: Opaque, semi-mat white, creamy color; reveals iron specks in clay
  7. Vera’s Green: shiny, semi-transparent green with slight bluish tint where thick
  8. Honey: shiny, Semi-transparent milkish color. Tends towards bluish-white where thick. Excellent used over other glazes for accent.
  9. Example: turns Vera’s green to bright teal.
  10. Shimmer Blue: semi-mat; opaque, denim blue
  11. Waste #1: shiny, greenish black, semi-transparent
  12. Waste #2: shiny, transparent umber
  13. Waste #3: shiny, transparent, green where thin; goes to blue where thick
  14. Hansen’s Clear: shiny, clear glaze. Main use is over colored slips.
  15. Rachel’s Best: Shiny, semi-opaque, blackish green olive
  16. Red-Orange Rust: Shiny, semi-opaque, rust color
  17. Eucalyptus: Matt, opaque, blue-green, reveals iron spots in clay
  18. Fake Ash: Shiny, semi-opaque; runny light olive green color with brownish runs.
  19. Ali: Shiny; semi-transparent; medium brownish olive color


  1. Black Gold: Opaque, matt, black with gold luster
  2. Hare’s Foot: Shiny, transparent, bluish brown
  3. Jun Base: Shiny, opaque white with slight bluish cast