“Serve Him Up!”

“World’s Fastest Serve in Womens’ Tennis” PRIZE: The Concord Award
(A Free Rd-Trip on the Concord (the fastest plane in the world)

The Lipton Championships
Key Biscayne, Florida

British Airways

This event was spectacular -it reminded me of the NBA Slam Dunks extravaganza! Hundreds of men and women tennis professionals lined the courts waiting to see how fast they could serve. Five policemen were on the courts pointing their radar guns at each serve that whizzed by them. It was the only time I wanted to be on a policeman’s radar screen.

After five rounds, only two remained. Much to my surprise it was me against the #1 player in the world, the legendary Martina Navratilova. The winner would receive two free tickets to travel anywhere in the world on the fastest plane in the world, the Concord. What fun it was that day to serve my best that day. I served 105mph and won the event! I held that title for over five years.

Soon after, I retired from tennis and was able to walk away from this great game satisfied. After giving my heart to Jesus Christ, I was not ready to serve on another court, the King’s Court. I was eager to begin a different kind of service – on the King’s Court.

Serving was my strength as a professional player player. I would simply mustered all my power into a serve, sprint to the net, and hit a few sharp volleys and was done with it – next point. The best kind of serve is when you hit the ball so well that the opponent can’t return it.

Now, my pleasure in life is to serve God. What a privilege! I simply step up to the line, see the needs of my world, and serve them Jesus -as powerfully as I can – expecting no returns. Instead of serving fluffy yellow balls, I now serve the love of God

Christ came to earth to serve not to be served. It’s my turn to serve the kingdom of God. As Christians, it doesn’t get any better than serving God. The eternal award goes to the ones who faithfully, joyfully and humbly serves Christ. Serving is not a single event – it’s a lifetime of proclaiming Him

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go serve Him up!