Mission and Tenants

Mission Statement | Program Tenants

Mission Statement

LUDIC strives:

  • To serve the community of individuals with autism spectrum disorder by providing a quality program for students with autism and other developmental disorders.
  • To serve the community by providing support for those affected by autism spectrum disorder, including families, educators, child care providers, and churches.
  • To invest in future professionals by providing opportunities for college and university students to observe and have hands-on experience through the program.

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Program Tenants


Each child has a specific lesson plan established to meet his or her specific needs as stated in the child’s Individualized Education Program.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Applied Behavior Analysis/Verbal Behavior is used with all LUDIC students.  Learn more here.

Language-Rich Environment

A language-rich environment consisting of modeling, prompting, and fading the prompts for appropriate language is offered to all students of LUDIC.

Alternative Communication Systems

As is common in the population of individuals with autism, some LUDIC students do not speak. We teach these students an alternative means of communicating.  Alternative communications options include (but are not limited to) sign language, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), other picture communication devices.

Visual Schedules

Because students with ASD tend to be highly visual, LUDIC incorporates visual schedules to help many students transition from one activity to the next. The visual cues serve to assist the student in processing information.

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