Graduate courses I teach

BIBL 570 – Book Studies: Exegesis Seminar
This course will focus on a careful exegetical analysis of the Greek text of the book under discussion. Matters of interpretation and elements of advanced grammar will be discussed. The specific book chosen for the seminar may vary from year to year.

BIBL 594 – Special Topics in Biblical Studies
An intensive study of selective topics in biblical studies, including research and critical evaluation of primary and secondary sources.

* recent special topics
Synoptic Gospels
*upcoming special topic for spring 2013
New Perspectives on Paul

GREK 501 – Elementary New Testament Greek
A basic vocabulary and grammar study of New Testament Greek with some drills in simple Greek reading. The course consists primarily of drills in vocabulary and grammar with an introduction to its use.

GREK 502 – Elementary New Testament Greek
A continuation of GREK-501 with more attention to syntax and reading.

Prerequisites – GREK-501