Technology used to enhance students’ learning and to assist the teaching process continues to be a practice many apply in education and many “want” to know how, but face frustration because of lacking funds, lacking time, and a number of other valid reasons. The difficulty of using or not using technology in one’s teaching is often the lack of knowing “what” and/or  “when” it should be implemented.  As the Instructional Technologist of Lee University, it is my objective, privilege, and obligation to be of assistance to my colleagues that want to use technology for instruction. I am quite sure I am not the best teacher, and I acknowledge that, but that does not deny me the ability to have an understanding of instructional design theories and practices.

Since my studies was on the “Faculty Perceptions of the Factors Enabling and Facilitating the Integration of Instructional Technology in Teaching“; I find that the results of the study continue to be confirmed during my work with university faculty members.  The findings that faculty must be confident in the technology they are using comes to life in my area of work.  Please click on the title of the dissertation to view the finding and the study itself.

Many a research article has been published showing that most faculty know and suggest one way of teaching but seldom follow what they feel is best. Why?  Usually because it is the most time consuming and the least convenient way to teach, that’s why (at least the literature suggests that this is the primary reason). It is not easy to prepare for a class with every component that makes the learning and teaching the best it can be; my goal is to make it a bit easier.

The need for use of technology is not always obvious, for that matter, there isn’t always a time to use technology in teaching. Learners today are surrounded by technology and for the most part find themselves quite comfortable with all types. It is the IT Department’s goal to be readily accessible for faculty assistance. In addition to our training sessions, we do multiple types of projects. This site continues to grow with information.