Attending to needs of others


As I see opportunities, I find myslelf intentionally avoiding them. I think before I act…this leads to the avoidance behavior.
So, what kind of opportunities am I avoding? You ask! Every day I find numerous opportunities before me to be selfish and ONLY think of my concerns, wants, needs etc. However, with growth it has become an intentional act on my part to try and STOP thinking of myself. The “stuff” the “junk” the “toys” that many find so dear are far less dear than the people that surround us …they are God’s creation and He wants us to tend to their needs…not our own!!!
So why am I writing this? Certainly not to boast and suggest that I have arrived …spiritually speaking. I am blogging about this because I am so amazed that God has stayed with me to bring me to a point where “self” has become less important than others. My family, friends(here and in Ukraine) and my students are all so dear to me. I want to be the best husband, father, teacher, and friend that one could have. In order to do that, I must put myself aside and tend to others. In order for any ministering to occur, we all must put our “stuff” and our “wants” aside and seek God’s face…just as we were told before in Jeremiah 33:3 ….
Thank you my Lord!!!