Where has time gone?


Well, my last post told that I was going to Ukraine in December… and I did go to Ukraine, Lviv, Poltava etc.  However, upon my return, I went to Florida to spend time with family for Christmas.  Though I had all intentions to blog about my trip as soon as I got back, life got busy … then it got CRAZY!!!!!   Yeah, I know life gets busy for everyone, but life doesn’t always have some of the surprises that others experience (speaking of myself and my family).  Surprises can be great and fun, however, my surprise was far from either great or fun.  On January the 3rd, I returned to campus to attend faculty sessions, closing the day with a faculty meeting.  My back was giving me trouble, a strong irritating pain between my two shoulder blades.  I was sure it was the time sitting in a hard back chair, so I was eager to get back to my office then go home.  On my way from the faculty meeting, I began to experience shortening of breathing.  Again, I ignored it because once I got to my office and sat down all of that had passed (so I thought). That evening, I was working on some items for the office and could not stay awake.  It was yet early in the evening, so I just went to bed knowing the next day was a big day at the office.  However, I was not in bed very long before we (my wife, daughter, and I) were out the door and on our way to the Emergency Room.

Little did I know that the next 43 days would be spent in the Medical ICU.  For 21 days, I was sedated and my life was a touch-and-go.  Multiple times my wife had to hear the words, “he may not make it.”  This was difficult for her, but I was unaware since I was in my own world and on my own journey.  Needless to say, I haven’t blogged because of the numerous issues that have occurred.  My lungs had failed and I could not get oxygen.  Of course, ICUs have the “fix” for this; I was put on a ventilator.  After waking out of my 21 days of being sedated, I still was not out of the proverbial woods. Finally, when I did get out of ICU, I saw multiple doctors and had to do physical therapy and occupational therapy. At this time I am still doing physical therapy, and three days a week of Cardiac Rehabilitation.  Okay … I didn’t tell about the heart yet, I kinda got ahead of myself.  I thought I was getting better and every visit to my pulmonologist, he informed me that my heart was enlarged.  I didn’t know what that meant, but he advised me to see the local cardiologist that visited me while I was in the ICU.  After bronchitis and the like, I saw him.  Open heart surgery was on the “to-do” list for me.  Since all of this consumed me from returning to work until July of 2013, I had to entitle this blog as, “Where has time gone?

So, though I thought it was all over, it wasn’t yet.  After the heart surgery, I had to regain my strength.  I am not there yet!  So, now you know where I have been.  This is my 5th week back to work, so I am doing much better and obviously I did live.  The experiences I had were amazing and unforgettable, so writing about it is my best outing.  I will continue writing about it until I finish the book.  Many have written about their Near-Death Experiences, but mine is my experience, not someone elses… therefore I feel the urge to write about it and try to tell my story in words that I can use to describe the journey.  I doubt there are words that can express what I experienced, but I will certainly try.