Of my many interests, all (to my knowledge) can be related to learning. I find that every day living is an opportunity to learn more about the world I live in, the people I am surrounded by, and even more about myself. The books I love to read are seldom novels and stories; I seem to enjoy new knowledge and new information more than stories. However, I have found myself reading stories that are about people and their experiences in life – and finding them inspirational. My type of reading usually is to help in answering my many curiosities. I like to learn the hows and whys of the world and people I deal with every day. Yes, new information seems boring to some, but my curiosity has turned into a major appetite for knowledge.

My family is of utmost importance to me. My son, born in ’92 is also with many curiosities. Additionally I have a daughter; born 2000. She is always reading and asking questions as well. My wife and I have been married since 1980. Family is important to me because no matter how much knowledge I gain from a book or lecturers or any other avenue, I would be more than lost without family. Their love is so strong and supporting that I consider myself blessed beyond deserving.



My daughter, referenced in the previous paragraph, is now a second-degree black belt and absolutely loves karate.  She is in the dojo approximately seven times a week and in 3 to 4 competitions per year.  School is important to her so she has never allowed karate to interfere with her education.  In the photos, you can see a young man that is giving a presentation in Ukraine.  That is my son.  He was on the Ukraine trip as his Lee University study abroad trip in 2012.  All students on the trip gave presentations on various subjects relative to the American culture to an audience of Ukrainian teachers and students.

My interests beyond books are learning the Russian language (which did require books for quite a few years). I love this language and I enjoy the hard-to-find moments of studying it; spare time is difficult to come by. After studying the Russian language I traveled to Russian and to Ukraine in a one year period. Ukraine is a country that I have fallen in love with and visited every year with students from Lee University from 2001 till 2012; some years I would go by myself so I could visit twice in a year. After my second visit, I ended up moving to Ukraine as a Senior Fulbright Scholar for a six month period. I would have gone for at least a year; however, we had just successfully adopted our daughter from China.  The importance of bonding was too much for me to “skip town.”   I moved to Ukraine to teach technology; however, things seemed to be on their schedule that I wasn’t necessarily planning for.  The first of which was teaching English as a foreign language. It turned out to be amazing. The enjoyment of teaching and living in the land of Ukraine is one I will never forget and hopefully repeat some day.

As my family and Ukraine are both very important to me; along with my love for teaching and photography, This is some of my portraiture and wedding photos. Check out the page here also and my better works.  This demonstrates something else I love doing – portrait photography.

These are only a few of my interests. On my research page you will find more. On my personal blog outside of Lee University I have more about my research. Here is a link to my Doctoral Dissertation – in case you like research too. \

email: msturgeon@leeuniversity.edu