365 Days Later

It was January 3rd, 2013, on what appeared to be an ordinary day. Getting up in the morning, getting to my office and attending spring semester faculty meetings, I didn’t recognize anything that should alarm me. Little did I know that the rest of the month, and semester were going to be quite different than I had intended. Read On

First Day of fall Semester 2013

Well, the first day of classes usually has only a minor impact on my work in the CTE. However, this semester I am taking a course, Language Acquisition.  Now I must go down the road to see if I can find the text book at a reasonable price. I am excited about this class, as I lobe the subject matter. 

I hope to learn from this course and other language courses to enhance my ability to understand language learning to the extent that I can assist others.

This is not much of a post because I am posting from my new Galaxy S4…not a computer. I will be writing more soon though…so stay tuned.

Where has time gone?

Well, my last post told that I was going to Ukraine in December… and I did go to Ukraine, Lviv, Poltava etc.  However, upon my return, I went to Florida to spend time with family for Christmas.  Though I had all intentions to blog about my trip as soon as I got back, life got busy … then it got CRAZY!!!!!   continue reading this.

Catching up on Blogging

Well, here we are again, at the conclusion of 2012 almost and my last posting on here was January 2012.  Life has been busy, but I have decided to be very intentional about blogging assign myself one post every-other week for starts.  After doing that for a while, I should be able to transfer to once a week, and then possibly even more frequently.  At least this is my goal. We shall see.  Life has been busy, interesting, weird, and about anything else you can think of. In May, I took students to Ukraine.  It was an experience for the 10th year I have done this trip, but it was the first year I led the trip as the only one with any knowledge of how and what Ukraine is all about. In June, I took the month off and can’t really tell you what I did.  NO!!! It’s not a secret …. at least I don’t think it is.  I simply don’t recall what I did in June.  July was good because I was teaching and we did a few things as a family.  Then August was quite dead since students were gone home. However, I had to gear up for two newly re-vamped courses.  Those courses being Intro to Web Design and Advanced Web Design.  Advanced was more of a drastic change that the intro.  My students in Advanced Web Design developed WordPress sites and some even widgets within WordPress.  It turned out “ok” but not up to my standards.  The course has been approved and has eight students signed up so far to teach it again in January.

The big event/project that I didn’t even mention was the iBook project that I was asked to be the consultant, programmer, and project manager for.  Some of June was figuring out how to accomplish the iBook.  Apple produced an application called iBooks Author, which is quite intuitive to use, unless you want some extras… and those cost. The cost is not simply money either.  The time consumed in my efforts to get an understanding of some programming was unbelievable.  Here I am still trying to work with a team of workers and trying to get this out of the way.  It isn’t moving fast enough for me.  I want to say “it’s done” but it isn’t. So, with three other people on the team to get this accomplished by Christmas, we are pushing extremely hard to see it come to fruition.  Developing an iBook isn’t difficult in itself, however, if you have creative leaders that want more than is possible, then you find yourself in a tight spot.  That is my scenario.  Nothing wrong with creativity… just have to know your realistic boundaries.

iBooks Author is an awesome application.  Users must keep in mind that the word “Book” is within the name of the application for a reason. It is not for developing “Games” and it is for the purpose of doing some extras with the Book itself.  It has limitations, as Apple has made many of the options that one would think possible, quite difficult to accomplish, if not impossible. I fully intend on using this for developing an iBook using this for my “Intro to Web Design.” I will keep updating this and letting everyone know where this is going.

Till later…