Practicum in Teaching Psychology


Course Description

A practicum which gives students the opportunity to gain teaching experience, enhance their knowledge of psychology, and acquire skills that makes them more attractive to prospective graduate schools.

An interview with and permission of the instructor are required for enrollment


Class Sessions

  • Attend regularly
  • Teach at least one class lecture
  • Reserve/set up audiovisual equipment as needed
  • Take and keep a record of class attendance
  • Participate in class discussions
  • Coordinate any out-of-class assignments and activities
  • Provide feedback on lectures to instructor


  • Teach review sessions before each exam
  • Proctor examinatons with instructor
  • Assist with grading of exams
  • Point out poor questions to instructor

Other responsibilities

  • Complete any assigned readings related to practicum
  • Meet periodically with instructor
  • Serve as helper/mentor/advocate of the students
  • Refer students who need specific intervention to instructor
  • Write a three-page reaction paper on course and their participation

Requirements for participation in practicum

  • Completed a minimum of 12 hours in psychology
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or above, minimum GPA of 3.3 in psych courses
  • Personal interview with instructor


Student’s grade will be based on the extent to which the carry out the responsibilities outlined
above and their willingness to help students.

NOTE: Students who have successfully completed one semester of the Teaching Practicum

(PSY 460) may do one additional semester (PSY 470) provided that they do not serve as TA for the same course.

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