Graduate courses

GERM 501 – Theological German
An introduction to theological German designed for the student who has little or no previous knowledge of the language. The course will focus on the basics of German grammar and syntax, while acquisition of vocabulary and translation drills will concentrate on religious and theological selections.

GERM 502 – Readings in Theological German
Continuing the course on introduction to theological German, this course reviews and extends the grammatical and syntactical aspects of the German language. Students will be exposed to a variety of philosophical and theological texts meant to prepare them for comprehension and reading of German for research in future work. With this goal in mind, the emphasis is on reading comprehension and extensive exposure of as many theological and biblical readings as possible. The prerequisite is GERM-501.

LATN 501 – Ecclesiastical Latin
This course will introduce the student to the basic grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of the Latin language, with special attention towards ecclesiastical Latin.

LATN 502 – Readings in Ecclesiastical Latin
This course will build upon the introduction to basic Latin grammar and focus on extending vocabulary and reading skills. Its special emphasis will be on writings of an ecclesiastical nature from the early church fathers through the 17th century.

Prerequisites – LATN-501

MMST 534 – Practical Theology
This course introduces students to the discipline of practical theology by engaging theological reflection upon the practice of ministry and church life. Rather than remaining in a contemplative mode of the traditional theological task, practical theology stresses the transformative character of doing theology by examining the underlying theological assumptions and foundations of the church’s life and praxis. Students will learn to assess the church’s actions for what they could or should be from a theological standpoint, yet also learn to describe and assess these actions as they truly exist. This theological and practical examination of the church will focus on areas where thought and praxis overlap.

THEO 576 – Seminar in Theology (Calvin)
This course is a seminar focusing on selected portions of Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. It considers the successive editions of the work in both Latin and French, ascertaining the purpose for such and the nuances of the Reformer’s thought therein. Students will attend to the lectures on various aspects of Calvin’s personal and professional life and will interact by papers and discussion with portions of Calvin’s work.

THEO 578 – Seminar in Theology (Barth)
This course is a seminar that will focus on a selected portion of the primary writings of Karl Barth. Barth’s theological views will be placed within a larger framework of his thought, but the focus will be on a limited section of his Church Dogmatics I/1 and II/1. Students will “exegete” passages from Barth’s writings and will discuss in a seminar setting the implications for his doctrine of God.

THEO 594 – Special Topics in Theological Studies*
An intensive study of selective topics in theological studies, including research and critical evaluation of primary and secondary sources.

previous special topics:
* Augustine