Courses Taught

LEEU 102B – Biblical and Theological Foundations for Benevolence

This course offers students an introduction to various aspects of service as portrayed from biblical, theological and historical sources. Issues of benevolence, poverty, social justice and ministry to those in need will be examined. A segment of the course will require students to do some form of Christian service. It should be taken during the second semester of the freshman year, as part of the Lee University Freshman Experience core.  Requires co-requisite enrollment in LEEU-102BL.

GNST 101 – The Freshman Seminar: Gateway to University Success

This course is designed to equip first-year students for success in the Christian university community. It will acquaint students with the academic, social and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in college. All first-time Lee students who have completed fewer than 16 credit hours of resident college work (in addition to AP or dual enrollment credits earned during high school) are required to take GNST 101.

Summer Honors

This two-week program is an authentic encounter that prepares students to face the academic and social challenges of college life. Students receive a head start on their college career by earning six hours of academic credit. While outside of the classroom, students will experience a wide variety of social activities they can expect to find at Lee.