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Moodle Starter's Guide

Includes instructions on finding courses and making a course visible to students

Add Zoom link to Moodle

How to add a link to Zoom using the external tool in Moodle

Adding content

Includes instructions on adding files (such as syllabus and PowerPoint slides) to your course

Adding a dropbox

How to add activities and dropboxes (assignments) to your Moodle course

Recording in Moodle

How to record 2 minute audio and video clips in Moodle

Change Role to Student

View Moodle courses as students


Download Zoom client

How to sign up for Zoom and install the application on your computer

End Meeting

How to end a Zoom session

Mute All

How to mute all participants in a Zoom meeting

Start Individual Meeting and Share Link

How to start an individual meeting and invite a student (advising)

Breakout Rooms

How to create breakout rooms for small group discussion in Zoom

Viewing Reports in Zoom

View reports for participation in Zoom sessions

Change Recording Space in Zoom

Change where recordings of Zoom sessions are saved on your computer

Unwanted Visitors in Zoom

How to remove participants, lock meetings, mute all, and restrict chat

Enable Screen Sharing for Participants

Allow students or guests to share screens in a Zoom meeting

Workshop Recordings

Advanced Zoom Workshop with Cathy Yaun

Link to a classroom tutorial set up by by Cathy Yaun on managing and engaging students in Zoom

Microsoft Apps

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream Tutorials

Video and written guides developed by Microsoft for training in Stream, Microsoft's video hosting application.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive Tutorials

Video and written guides developed by Microsoft for training in OneDrive. Please refer to the videos and articles designated for "work."

Other Resources

Additional articles and resources from around the web. These may contain information on technology that is not supported by Lee University. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Bethany Sargent or the Help Desk.

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