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“LeePortfolio” is the name of Lee University’s ePortfolio program. An eportfolio is an online presentation of a student’s work and achievements. This can include documents, images, videos, presentations, and more.

An eportfolio’s main purpose is to enhance student learning by providing space to “collect and reflect” on connections between classes, semesters, and experiences. Every course taken, activity participated in, and assignment completed is contributing to the person students will be when they leave Lee. An eportfolio helps collect artifacts from significant points in their journey, to build a more complete picture of their academic, personal, and professional growth while at Lee.

Great items to add to a portfolio are things that have made a student look at something differently, taught them something new, or demonstrated a hard-earned accomplishment, whether academic or extra-curricular.

Some examples could include:

  • Reflections completed (autobiography, LASSI assessment, college plan, Ethical Action essay, etc.)
  • Academic papers (drafts and final product)
  • Pictures or video (Global Perspectives trip, Greek club events, service projects, athletic events, etc.)
  • Samples of projects completed for classes or internships
  • Anything that has contributed to a student’s growth during their time at Lee, inside or outside the classroom.

Reflection is a key component of eportfolios. If a student is just storing completed assignments in their portfolio, it won’t be of much benefit to them. Reflection makes an eportfolio meaningful; it’s the process of looking back at what has been done over time and thinking about how those things influenced what a student is doing now. It can help them make connections between content, identify weaknesses, and understand their strengths.

By compiling and reflecting on these pieces, students learn to view their time at Lee holistically, allowing them to better understand their accomplishments or assess their goals. It shouldn’t be static but growing, expanding, and changing all the time, just like each student. By creating an eportfolio, students are better equipped for deeper understanding and more connected learning, which can help them go farther and accomplish more during their time at Lee and beyond.


Stay tuned for samples of portfolios from students at Lee University!

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