Welcome to my website! Those of you who know me are aware that someone much smarter than me has put all of this together. These talented men and women have taken my information and made it look very “sporty.” If you have anything nice to say about how it looks, you can bet it is not of my doing. So let me know and I will pass along the compliment to the right folks. However, if you happen to have a quarrel with what is said or if something is left out, that’s my doing. So to make it better, I need your help. Let’s talk.

Now, if you somehow got here on purpose, you are obviously brighter than me. However, I suspect that we have something in common. We are attracted to the wonderfully messy and demanding process of teaching and learning. Few of us really understand it (I certainly don’t), but I join a bunch of really committed men and women whose lives are wrapped around this fascinating pursuit.

As I understand it, the teaching choice involves a commitment to a lifetime of learning. Unfortunately, there seems to be an expiration date on most bits of knowledge. As professionals in information sharing, we are challenged to continually reassess our stores and replenish their information as evidence dictates. However, in an environment with an insatiable appetite for information and the impressive ability to produce it, sorting through the mountains of possibilities demands measured critical thinking skills on our part. It really does matter what and how we think.

This disciplined and energetic life of the mind is developed over a career in the fundamental processes of unbiased information gathering, thoughtful reflection, and reasoned analysis. As you might suspect, teacher candidates begin this intellectual journey with a planned series of courses and practical experiences designed to develop these lofty academic goals and perhaps more importantly encourage their growth in others. Exploring and developing effective methodologies to compassionately share these pursuits with other incomplete human beings seem to complete the teaching / learning relationship. The stuff on my website is included to serve those ideals. On the days when all of this stuff comes together and the classroom magic happens, it’s the best! Even when it doesn’t, it still beats whatever is in second.

Stay in touch…
Gary Riggins

PS: Look on the links page as there are a few of my favorite places on the web to look around for information on how to get better at the teaching and learning game…