365 Days Later


It was January 3rd, 2013, on what appeared to be an ordinary day. Getting up in the morning, getting to my office and attending spring semester faculty meetings, I didn’t recognize anything that should alarm me. Little did I know that the rest of the month, and semester were going to be quite different than I had intended. After a full day of meetings and walking back to the office, there was a tidbit of experiencing short breath, but nothing that I felt needed attention. Later that evening at home, I had felt a bit tired (too early for me to feel tired) so I ultimately just headed to bed knowing that I had big plans for filming faculty presentations in the CTE. Around 10:30pm (an approximation), I was feeling pains that I had never experienced and then symptoms of a heart attack; at least based on what I have always heard. After describing how I was feeling to Carla, she rushed me to the hospital. For hours I saw PAs, nurses, doctors and they seemed to be as lost and confused as I was. Around 5 or 6am, I was asked if I wanted to stay over and for them to watch over me or if I wanted to go home. Since I was not sure what was wrong, but knowing there was definitely something wrong, I said, “keep me for at least the night.” As don’t recall being told that I was getting morphine, but it was not long that I was having some very dreamy (not in a good way) experiences. To this day, I don’t recall when I went completely under; however, I can tell you that 21 days later, I was woken up and began to rediscover the world I almost left behind.
Thanks to God and having a Godly man as a physician, I am here now a year later to tell the story. I had tubes going into my chest via my side, oxygen, tubes for getting shots throughout the day and evenings. This was 21 days in ICU of the 43 days in ICU that I had to experience. I have so much more than I thought I had previous to becoming ill. I have my family that loves me, I have Lee University colleagues and friends (usually same in one) that cared enough to keep in touch with my wife and give her support when I couldn’t give her any hope. God has plans for all of us. At this time, I am not quite sure what He has planned for me coming future, however I know that He allowed me to live for a reason, or multiple reasons for that matter. What those reasons are or purposes are, I do not know. I still await Him showing me on a daily basis. I definitely have a different perspective on life than I did before this experience.
After getting home for a few months, I found that I had to have open heart surgery. That was something I never anticipated and it had to take place soon. Mind you, this was in May, so I had quite the semester spring 2013. In only a few days I will be attending the spring faculty meetings and preparing for the spring semester courses. I don’t make New Years resolutions, but I do have intentions this year. For the year 2014 I intend to be the best husband, best father to my children, and the hardest working employee of Lee University… at least in my area of responsibilities.