A Man Called Blessed


Blessed Ted Dekker has great skills in telling a story. This review is on the sequel to Blessed Child entitled, “A Man Called Blessed.” Ted Dekker  and Bill Bright co-authored this interesting title. The story is a hunt for the location of the Ark of the Covenant. Which, in my personal  opinion is a storyline that has been overused. Though I feel that way about the topic, these authors do make the story interesting and  worth the reading. As is Dekker’s practice, this book is packed with moments of mystery.

The Islamic people do NOT want the finding of the Ark of the Covenant to take place, so they get their best man to “take care” of the matter. However, the “child” (now man) that they want to take down, by the name of Caleb, is apparently out of their assassin’s league. From Blessed Child, Caleb now in Ethiopia, could know the location of the temple, but even that is an unanswered question … maybe!! I can’t tell it all, you must read the book.

A woman by the name of Rebecca Solomon is leading the search. The fear of this discovery is that it will ultimately lead to the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple. This fear and the fight against it add to the bewildering actions that take place. What I suspect most readers will like about this book, as other Dekker titles, is the stimulating mysteries that keep the reader guessing. What every reader should find in this book, weaved throughout, is that God is still on His throne and is still in control and in the peoples’ lives.

Ted Dekker is not knew to most Christian book-readers, and Bill Bright is certainly not new on the horizon for those that have any familiarity with Campus Crusade. Together these two have put an interesting title out that is worth your time.

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