ActivInspire Resources

As ActivInspire resources are discovered and made available, this page will grow.  The various links to resources are both of internal resources as well as other websites that have provided useful content for  teaching and developing with ActivInspire.

The first of the resources provided are documents for learning how to use ActivInspire and items of support.  There are also articles that demonstrate how pedagogically valuable the Interactive White Boards (IWB) can be.  I hope the provision of such content is found to be useful to my colleagues and students alike.

Tutorial / Training Materials

PDF files entailing instructions and FlipChart files that require ActivInspire to open are within the following files.

  1. ActivInspire Startup Manual [this document will help users become familiar with the software and ActivBoard alike]
  2. ActivInspire Hide/Show Objects [this document will show the user how to create objects to hide and show]
  3. ActivInspire Tool – Magic and Revealers [this document shows users what magic ink is and how to use it]
  4. ActivInspire Tool – Containers [this document shows the user what containers are also what it can be used for]
  5. ActivInspire Tool – Using ActiVote and Inserting Questions
  6. ActivInspire Tool – Using ActivExpression and Inserting Questions
  7. ActivInspire Tool – Inserting Videos Using Firefox


Video Tutorial for Container Activities

Using Container in ActivInspire – Videos for Demonstration

  1. ActivInspire Tools – #1
  2. ActivInspire Tools – #2
  3. ActivInspire Tools – #3
  4. ActivInspire Tools – #4
  5. ActivInspire – Video for Multiple Objects in Containers
  6. Video for Single Item / Object Containers
  7. Video for Multiple / Keyword Containers

View More videos from the collections below:

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ActivInspire Rubric

ActivInspire Rubric [this rubric is an example/model one can develop their own rubric from]

The following links are downloadable Flipcharts that give instructions for using ActivBoard and Flipcharts using ActivInspire.  Opening these files requires having ActivInspire on your computer.
Items 1 through 12 are in the order presented by Promethean, therefore build on each other.  Items 13 and 14 are additional items that are helpful, but are not related directly to the earlier Flipcharts

  1. Getting Started
  2. Getting Started – Part II
  3. Working with Text
  4. Working with the Resource Library
  5. Drawing Tools
  6. Working with Images
  7. Working with Numbers
  8. Additional Tools
  9. Presenting your Flipchart
  10. Actions Introduction
  11. Properties – Settings – Restrictions
  12. Using Containers
  13. What makes a good Flipchart?
  14. Using ActiVote – An Introduction


Download the Subjects resource file – This is a large file, so be aware that it will take a bit of time to download.  Once you have this file, you can add it to your resources or your shared resources in ActivInspire.

ActivInspire Websites

Promethean Planet

Flipchart Fundamentals