About Me

Dr. Robert P. West

Professor of Biology, Assistant Chair –  Retired

Dr. Robert West, Professor of Biology, earned his B.S., M.S. degrees from Clemson University and his Ph.D. from LSU. Since joining the faculty in January 1990, he has taught a variety of classes including Animal Biology, General Biology, Microbiology, Immunology, Health Perspectives: Cancer and AIDS, Medical Terminology, and Entomology. Most recently, he taught primarily non-science majors in Human Biology and managed majors in Health Professions Internship. Dr. West also served as an Assistant Department Chair. Dr. West’s intellectual interests cover a wide range in both academic (entomology, arachnology, learning styles, and strengths) and non-academic (Marvel universe, fountain pens, art, and exercise) areas. He retired after 32 years at Lee in December, 2021.

Student Involvement:

In his most recent teaching assignments, Dr. West interacted with both non-science students and majors alike. In addition, he interacted with our majors in his capacity as an administrator as well. Dr. West continues to serve as a Strengths Vocational Advisor (SVA) with the Center for Calling and Career on the Lee campus.