Lee University WebPages are used to create and maintain Web sites using the WordPress MultiSite content management system. WebPages is available to all Lee University faculty. Accounts must be used in accordance with the college’s Acceptable Use Policy, and the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) reserves the right to limit the use of technologies that might compromise the security and integrity of the college’s IT resources. In particular, any mechanism that sends email must be registered with and approved by CTE.

Web sites can be requested for:

  • Department Blogs
  • Personal Faculty sites
  • Global Trip Sites

Requests for WordPress accounts should be made using the Sign Up Form. The individual designated as the site administrator will be contacted within 3 work days with information about the account. For sites that do not fit in the categories above, please request those sites using the Site Request Form.

Website Types

How a site is designed and developed, its URL, and how it will be linked to from the College Web site depend on the site’s function.

Department Blogs: Sites for academic departments will be provided with a WordPress theme that conveys the site’s official institutional affiliation. These sites will reside on webpages.leeu.edu and will have addresses that identify the department (e.g., webpages.leeu.edu/artsandscience).

Personal Faculty Pages: Sites that represent a student’s or employee’s personal and academic interests are the creative expressions of the authors. These sites will reside on webpages.leeu.edu and will have addresses that include the Lee University Network ID (e.g., webpages.leeu.edu/mwilson, webpages.leeu.edu/msturgeon).

Global Trips: Sites can be requested for one-time or recurring trips. These sites will reside on webpages.leeu.edu and will have addresses that identify the event (e.g., webpages.leeu.edu/cambridge).

Developing Your Site

While CTE staff cannot author or maintain your Web sites, the department provides resources to help you develop and maintain your site.

Training: Workshops on WordPress are offered throughout the year. One-on-one training is also available by contacting a member of the CTE staff.

Online Help: A collection of help documents is available at the CTE Knowledge Base WordPress Articles.

Software: Applications for developing multimedia content to include in your WordPress site are available on most college-owned computers. WordPress site maintenance does not require any special software. All content management is done in a standard Web browser.

Getting Your Site Live and Linked in the Directories

After the user has entered and published content on their website, only then will their website be promoted here in the directories. If your site has content and has not yet been published in our directory, please contact the CTE Technical Staff.

For all Sites

Be a Responsible Web Author

The contents of your Web site help represent Lee University to the world. Accounts must be used in accordance with the college’s Computing and Networks Acceptable Use Policy and any other applicable college policies. Site administrators are responsible for keeping site content current and removing content from the server when it’s no longer needed.

Steps to create your site

  1. Sign up using the form linked here.
  2. Once we have created the site for you (could take up to 3 business days), you will receive an email containing information on how to login and build out your site.