Graduate courses

BIBL 501 – Judaism in the Greco-Roman Period
A study of the history and literature of the intertestamental period leading up to the first advent of Christ. In addition to the apocryphal books, the Qumran scrolls will be read and discussed and their significance for the New Testament period considered.

BIBL 550 – Biblical Criticism/ Hermeneutics
This course will explore several schools of biblical criticism (source, reaction, and form criticism), and various hermeneutical approaches. Particular attention will be given to tracing the influence of German philosophy on contemporary continental theology. Martin Heidegger’s role in forming the hermeneutic of Rudolph Bultmann and the resultant schools of interpretation arising from the latter will be studied in detail. In addition, more recent forms of criticism will be considered, including reader-response, social-scientific, and postmodern theory.

BIBL 564 – Jesus and the Gospels
This course provides opportunities to study two interrelated areas of research: (1) the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth; and (2) the nature of the canonical Gospels. We will survey important, “classic” works of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that bear upon questions relating to Jesus and the Gospels. Such works will include the following: Schweizer’s The Quest of the Historical Jesus, Wrede’s The Messicanic Secret, Kahler’s The So-Called Historical Jesus and the Biblical-Historical Christ, Dibelius’s From Tradition to the Gospel, Bultmann’s History of the Synoptic Tradition, Dodd’s Apostolic Preaching and Its Developments, and other recent modern studies.

BIBL 565 – Dead Sea Scrolls
This course concerns the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the community that dwelt at Qumran.

BIBL 593 – Directed Study in Biblical Studies
A study of an approved area of biblical or theological studies, in which the student contracts with the director of the study concerning course requirements, course scheduling and evaluation procedure.

* previous directed studies include Jesus of History, Christian Faith & others

BIBL 594 – Special Topics in Biblical Studies
An intensive study of selective topics in biblical studies, including research and critical evaluation of primary and secondary sources.

* previous special topics

GREK 502 – Elementary New Testament Greek
A continuation of GREK-501 with more attention to syntax and reading.

Prerequisites – GREK-501

HEBR 501 – Elementary Biblical Hebrew
This course is an introduction to Hebrew that is designed to introduce students to the basic vocabulary and grammar of the Hebrew Bible.

HEBR 502 – Readings in Biblical Hebrew
This course is a continuation of HEBR-501. It builds on the vocabulary and grammar of HEBR-501 and gives students a working knowledge of the standard grammatical and lexical resources for exegetical work. Students will also begin reading the text of the Hebrew Bible.

Prerequisites – HEBR-501