Graduate courses I teach

THEO 534 – Doctrine of Christ
A historical and systematic study of the doctrine of the person and work of Jesus Christ. This course surveys the primitive Christologies of the New Testament and continues by examining the Christological controversies of the early church (until the final crystallization in the Chalcedonian Creed). The basic questions of the doctrine of Christ will be investigated (e.g., the incarnation, the relation of the two natures of Christ, the divinity of Christ in relation to the Trinity). Consideration will be given to the several quests for the historical Jesus in the last century as well as a consideration of the “Jesus Seminar.” An examination of the various reconstructions of Christologies in the modern era (e.g., liberationist, feminist, and other Christologies) will be a part of this study. The centrality of Christ for other doctrines and for Christian proclamation will be stressed.

THEO 535 – Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

This course offers a study of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit with emphasis upon the Spirit’s relationship to Christ. The work of the Holy Spirit in relation to other fundamental doctrines will also be considered (creation, salvation, ecclesiology, eschatology). Special attention will be focused on the work of the Holy Spirit as teacher, helper, disciple and on the experience of Spirit baptism with the initial evidence of glossalalia. Some attention will be given to the meaning of ‘living in the Spirit’ and spiritual gifts.

THEO 554 – Early Christian Doctrine

An exploration of the rise and evolution of Christianity through the period of Late Antiquity. By examining the practices, ideas, and cultural ethos of early Christians withing their historical contexts, the course seeks to offer an overarching account of Christianity from a movement within Judaism to the primary religion of the Roman empire and its successors.

THEO 575 – Contemporary Theology

This course will survey the theological and philosophical trends from the nineteenth century to the present. The major doctrinal themes examined will be the doctrines of God and revelation; the Trinity; and Christology. In addition, various approaches to theology will be considered: liberation theology, narrative theology, feminist and womanist theology, African-American theology, African theology, Asian theology and evangelical theology. Rigorous study in the philosophical foundations of these theologies and their representatives will be examined. The hermeneutical and theological methods of these systems of theology will offer a basis for comparison and evaluation. Important philosophical themes to be considered are existentialism, modernism, and postmodernism.

THEO 580 – The Trinity

This course offers a study of the doctrine of the Trinity. It examines the fundamental, scriptural data for the doctrine, tracks the formulation and articulation of the doctrine in the history of the church, and attends to appropriations of the doctrine in contemporary theology.

THEO 594 – Special Topics in Theological Studies

An intensive study of selective topics in theological studies, including research and critical evaluation of primary and secondary sources.

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