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The graduate programs in Biblical and Theological studies here at Lee University are the finest for an institution of our size. A good gauge of a program is both its professors (where they studied and where they are published) and its students (which kinds of programs they move onto after the MA). As to the former, our faculty all possess PhD’s from awarding institutions such as Princeton, Toronto, Marquette, Durham (in England), Pretoria (in South Africa), Baylor, Vanderbilt, St. Andrews (in Scotland) and Oklahoma. Our faculty are published in peer reviewed journals and have had books published by Oxford, Eerdmans, Hendrickson and Deo presses. With respect to our students, we have had people move straight from our MA into PhD programs at Catholic University of America, Toronto, Marquette and Baylor, and have had students do further Masters work at places like Harvard, Emory, Duke and Yale. In other words, you can’t get better for your money than Lee University! I am convinced that no one can get as good an education in the United States for Lee’s price at an institution with such an excellent reputation as we have here in the School of Religion.

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The School of Religion Office of Graduate Programs is located in SOR 150-F in the School of Religion.

phone – 423.303.5104, email – jtyson@leeuniversity.edu