Psych Skills & Careers

“What can I do with a psychology major?”

“Are there careers other than counseling?”

“What skills do psych majors have after graduating with a degree?”

Legitimate questions.  Most people don’t know the value of a psychology major.  They don’t recognize that our field trains us to understand and connect with other people–and that people are everywhere, in every profession.  They haven’t considered all of the unique skills that are developed through psychology classes.  They don’t know what makes psychology special.

And, very likely, neither do you.

On this page, I have curated a handful of resources for psychology majors who want to know more about skills and careers in the field.  I hope you find these resources useful and welcome any questions you have about them!


Check out this 25-min video to learn more about the superpowers of psychology majors, from Professor Stephen Chew.


Click here to download a 29-page booklet, published by the American Psychological Association, about careers in the field of psychology.