Cross Cultural Studies

American Ethnic Studies
Offered May session in alternate years, this trip provides 1 hour of cross cultural credit as well as 6 hours of academic credits. Students spend two weeks in classes on the Lee campus and travel two weeks in the respective areas.

New England Studies
Students study the history and culture of colonial America, focusing on the Native American perspective as well as the traditional European view of colonization. Cross cultural credit is earned through interaction with the Native American culture. Academic credits are selected from the following courses:

Each student will select 6 hours from the following:

  • ENGL313 U. S. Literature I – 3 hours
  • ENGL326 Multi-Ethnic American Literature – 3 hours
  • ENGL370 Travel Writing – 3 hours
  • ENGL434 U. S. Poetry: The New England Tradition – 3 hours

In addition participants will earn 1 hour credit in

  • GST251 – Global Perspectives