Guy DeLoach began his career as an executive for Toyota, running divisions in West Tennessee and working his way up to a Vice Presidential position. DeLoach then began spending a lot of time in Asia coordinating mergers and acquisitions for the international automotive powerhouse.

DeLoach is a certified quality engineer and a certified reliability engineer. He served the U.S. Department of Commerce as a prestigious Baldridge Examiner, helping to decide on the company worthy of the Baldridge Award given by the president each year. He worked with the Department of Defense assessing military bases like Ft. Hood and Ft. Bragg to improve effectiveness and efficiency in the military. He still works with the healthcare industry in improving efficiency and performance. He became an international speaker on quality improvement and was in demand by several universities as a visiting lecturer.

DeLoach joined the Department of Business in the fall of 2005 as an assistant professor of business.

Since coming to Lee, DeLoach has collaborated in an initiative by the business department to take students and immerse them in corporate settings. The department has partnered with corporations in the area like Whirlpool, Meus Corporation and Schering Plough to acclimate students to the corporate environment. The students get the opportunity to work on projects for Fortune 300 companies, providing the students with real-world experience and a good reference on their resumes.

DeLoach is now finishing his dissertation.

DeLoach’s family consists of Dorry, a student in the College of Education, and their two sons, Brian and Steven.