Psychology Trip to Europe

A Cross-Cultural Trip to Europe Austria, Germany, & Switzerland

Next Trip: June 4-14, 2019

During your eleven day trip to Europe:

You will walk in the footsteps of some of psychology’s greatest forefathers. You walk through Freud’s home and office, study in Viktor Frankl’s Institute, and enjoy a lecture at the Jung Institute.  In addition, you will travel through the Swiss, German, and Austrian Alps.

Courses Offered

PSYC 408 European Perspectives in Psychology
(3 hours)

PSYC 409 History of Psychoanalysis (3 hours)

GNST 251, Cross-Cultural Experience
(1 hours)

Price of the trip includes tuition plus:

Flights and travel by professional coach, 2 nights bed, dinner, and breakfast in Freudenstadt, Germany 1 night bed, dinner, and breakfast in Landeck, Austria, 3 nights bed, dinner,  and breakfast in Strobl, Austria (Salzburg region), 3 nights bed and breakfast in Vienna and dinner one night