Studio Values

Deliberate Practice that Forms Good Habits

Developing productive practice habits is one of the most important goals of this studio.  I strive to pass on not only what to practice but how to practice.  In lessons, I will often model and ask you to repeat evidence-based practice methods.  Your job is simply to engage with these practices on a daily basis throughout the week.  You cannot simply ascent to being a better trumpet player!  Our job is to practice deliberately in such a way that goodness becomes our habit.

Persistent, Curious Problem Solving

Some things I suggest will not work immediately, but give them time.  And some concepts or practices will click for you and others will not.  That’s okay.  I enjoy problem solving alongside you.  Seek out solutions from multiple angles.

Growth-Mindset Environment

It is essential that we remain positive towards the future of our playing and those around us.  Together, we will seek to do away with condescending talk about our own playing or that of others.  I seek to use both specific critique in balance with honest praise.

Balanced Musical Diet

Trumpet playing requires a variety of skills in order to develop and maintain the technical and musical aspects of our playing. To that end, your practice should reflect this variety. Don’t stop doing the fundamentals when juries or another big performance comes along.  And don’t forget to make music every day!


Do not underestimate the power of listening to great music and musicians, especially trumpet players.  You must engage in undistracted and repetitive listening of the repertoire you are studying, excellent trumpet playing of all genres, and excellent musicians, no matter the instrument.  At no time in history has there been so many recordings available to us instantly.  Be connoisseurs of excellent recordings.

Performing & Recording

As image bearers of God (Genesis 1:27) we have all been given supernatural creative gifts.  We are called to cultivate and share them with others.   Therefore, we value opportunities to perform for others both in person and through recorded mediums.

Whole Musician

We are all musicians who happen to play the trumpet.  For most of us, we will reach the highest heights of musical expression on this instrument.  A fundamental goal is for you to become a better musician so that regardless of your musical expression (playing, teaching, conducting, producing, etc.), you will have developed those underlying musical skills. 

Whole Person

The skills we gain through practicing and performing music can help us become better people.  This is done by developing good character through practice and noticing all of the ways that life is reflected in music making.  I will do my best to point these out along the way. 

Lee University Trumpet Studio with John Hagstrom, Chicago Symphony Orchestra